Friday, April 16, 2010


I love Fridays and yet some days I hate them too... I love Fridays because I know the weekend is coming up. On Friday nights you can stay up as late as you want, you don't have to worry about working the next morning (most of the time anyway). Fridays are often the time when Hubs and I get to relax together (often with friends) and just de-stress from the crazy week we've had and then we wake up to the best day of the week Saturday! Now I know what some of you are thinking you're a pastor's wife (and yes I know that he's a youth pastor which according to some of you is different than a "real" pastor, but believe me my Hubs is a real as a pastor as they get!) so shouldn't Sunday be your favorite day. And in some ways it is, we get to spend time with our students (we teach the High School Sunday School class together), then worship together (although most of the time us worshipping together consists of Hubs preaching/teaching and me soaking up the amazing knowledge the Lord has shared with him), then its on to a crazy short afternoon break (that's what I call it) and four (ish) hours later we're back at the church!
(that's our church BTW) So that's where we spend the majority of our Sunday.

But Saturday, Saturday is often our Sabbath (yes I realize the Sabbath is actually Saturday), but I know for many Christians they treat Sunday as their Sabbath, but for me its Saturday. Saturdays are my day of rest. Since we spend a good part of Sunday teaching others, I try to use Saturday to truly rest. I try to spend a little bit of me time, mixed w/ some time w/ the Hubs, maybe a little time with friends and voila. I feel rejuvenated (yes I'm an ESFJ and you can see my extroversion as I get jazzed by being around others).

So what's up for this weekend? I'm so glad you were wondering, now I can share. As for today I will finish out my work day (I'm at lunch right now, thank you very much!) and then home to change clothes, get the Hubs, grab the chicken & veggies that have been marinating since last night and head to the Bestie's for kabobs & fried rice and some good 'ol relaxation! Saturday I will hopefully get the time (and motivation) to clean my house up some and then dinner with the home care group @ our church that has adopted Mike & I since we aren't able to participate in one due to us teaching. Sunday=church, which I do enjoy by the way....

So pics from this weekend and the recipe for the kabobs (if they turn out to be good) will all be posted soon!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Oh the Lord loves to teach me patience, and in the end I love learning more about patience, but stometimes (like the present moment) I'm not so good with patience. I began to ponder this and wonder if in some way sthis is a generational problem. After all, I am so connected... I spend enough time at my computer (at work mainly), but I nearly always have my Blackberry on, and it's hard to find me w/o my Ipod. Sometimes we just need to pull back from all thats going on around us though.

This morning on my commute I realized about 15 minutes into my drive that the radio wasn't on. I had been sitting in silence thinking about things that were going on in life, praying when I suddenly thought, "Wow! It's really quite in hear. Oh wait, my radio's off". Today I decided to leave off the radio. I want to hear God's voice loudly in my life. But as I began to analyze sometimes there is so much chatter around us it is hard to hear God's voice and we need time to stop and to listen to that still Small voice. Oh what a joy it is to hear from the Lord! I am so thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit in my life!

To end I'll tell you a little story from Sunday....
I was being impatient (as usual), but Sunday morning we had a youth service that was mainly song and then communion by ourselves at a time we decided (with offering done the same way) blended with scripture. I was singing my heart out to God (which means I was having a great time those around me might not have loved my pitch-iness (?) but whatever when I just felt the Lord direct me to Romans 5
"Therefore since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into his grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy spirit, whom he has given us"

God is using every situation in my life to develop my Godly character. He is teaching me perseverance and perhaps most comforting he always promises me hope and "hope does not disappoint".

God bless!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been a blogging slacker, yes I realize that. However, part of my slacking is due to the inability to express all that is going on right now. Wow! So much! And I'm not always the best at describing the emotions, and sometimes when I am I don't believe that these emotions should necessarily be put on the Internet for all to read. I have started following some bloggers who have this gift to describe everything and yet even with my ability to say so much. Not everything is always appropriate, but sometimes I wish I had that ability. So with all that being said!

March was a crazy busy month... It is by far one of my favorite months! There are like a bajillion birthdays of my friends&family in March (including my own) as well as spring break (which I didn't really get to participate in due to my new big kid job, boo!) and the first day of spring! The first day of spring disappointed me by snowing 6 inches, but other than that it was good. March also got to see the writing and turning in of my Research Methods paper, which I felt like I might not survive, but I did and as long as I passed, I don't really care. I loved my topic, and enjoyed reading about it, but HATED putting the paper together. Thus, you can all rest assured I will never be a research psychologist.

Our church (CCY) has hired a new senior pastor, although we are unsure of when he will actually come. We are praying that he has wonderful things in store for the church body and brings about a refreshing view of ministry.

On a totally separate note: Mike & I have been trying to eat healthier in an attempt to be healthier and loose some weight. Some of you may remember us doing our "poor man's weight watchers" and both lost a considerable amount of weight. Unfortunately, camp and various other things we stopped that and gained all of the extra weight back (and maybe a little more). While I enjoy being more conscious of what I putting into my body, neither of us have experienced the huge drop in weight like we had before. There are multiple reasons I'd like to get in better shape: weddings, beach vaca in Sept, wanting to eventually have a baby and be a cute pregnant lady (okay so I'm a little shallow at times, give me a brake, no one wants to be the person that people wonder are they pregnant or just getting fat). So I'm planning on really buckling down in order to get the results I want and today.... Today I WILL start working out. I think I'm typing this in hopes to have some invisible blog accountability. But I believe I can get in shape, and that I'll be a better person for it, I just need some motivation. So hopefully this will help.

Changing topics once again: I ask that you be praying for Mike & I. So maybe there's only 3 of you out there, but still. The Lord has been stirring our hearts and we are trying to decipher what exactly it is he wants us to do. Our desire has always been to follow God in whatever it is he wants us to do. So I know that this paragraph could not be more vague, but information will come in due time.