Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Am I Washed by the Blood or Just Washed in the Water?

I don't understand why I see so many "Christians" living lives that do not show the honor, power and glory of Jesus Christ. I put Christians in quotations because I would say that there are many people who profess Jesus as Savior but he is not their Lord. They do not have a personal relationship with him. As a new Kenny Chesney song puts it, "Am I washed in the blood or just washed in the water". This is the only conclusion that makes any sense whatsoever to me.

Why do I see so many Christians living defeated lives? Do we not serve the God who conquered the grave? Scriptures tell us that as Christians we are given the Holy Spirit (which is the seal of our salvation) and that we can do the impossible. We can do miracles because we have God living inside of us! Is that not amazing? (I hope that somewhat excites you, because it makes me overjoyed).

And yet even I am guilty of feeling exactly the way so many of us live, defeated. When I feel that way, the most important thing for me to do is to look at my life. Am I spending time with my Saviour? Am I listening to what he has to say? Am I praying for continued growth?

I desire to be broken over the sin in my life. I yearn to get rid of all the junk so that I can have more of Christ. I long to know my saviour and Lord more intimately every day. And in my opinion this is what is wrong with "Christians". The life lived has no substance. We are happy not sharing Christ with those around us. How can I tell the students I work with the need to share Jesus with their friends and those they're around if I myself am not doing it.

Lately, a burden that has been placed on my heart is the lack of conviction, remorse and at times any feeling whatsoever from the students that I see weekly. How can you sing of God's great love and mercy and then turn to your neighbor and talk? Don't we know that singing words to God that we don't mean in our hearts is taking the Lord's name in vain (It made the TOP 10 list people!). How do we as adults who love and care for those younger around us help them to see the importance of having a relationship with Jesus. Not just so they can be saved from the fiery pits of hell (when they are actually being saved from the wrath of God, not hell), but so that can live a life full of abundance! How do I teach students about the life of following Christ that is life to the fullest when so many Christians live a life that is not at all to the fullest that God desires from them. God's desires our bigger than ours, always. I pray that God can continue to teach me this difficult lesson and allow me to share it in a way that is accepted with others.