Our Story

Hubs & I first met in December of 2005 through a friend (J) at a church event.  This is where I have to be honest, I don't really remember meeting Hubs.  I remember that I had met the youth minister from said church AND he had even caught a ride with me and J to a church outing.  I was dating someone else (casually) at the time, but wasn't looking for anything else.  So I met Hubs and don't remember seeing him again until.....

June 2006 (that's about 6 months later if you're bad with math, lol).  I was working for my college promoting them (God Bless OBU!) at the largest youth camp around.  My days consisted of sweating, promo-ing, sweating, t-shirt contests, sweating, giving out free pop-sciciles, sweating, promo-ing, sweating, leading devo's for churches and sweating. (It was SUPER hot that summer).  It being the biggest camp around and me going to a school that is associated w/ the camp I knew LOTS of people that were there every week: friends from school, churches I had helped out in the past, ect.  J (friend from above paragraph) and I were fairly close and we talked on a weekly basis (minimum) and he calls to say to me one Sunday night, don't forget my church is coming for the week tomorrow.  He then goes on this schpiel about how I really need to meet the youth minister (ya know the one I'd met previously) and talk with him.  He really thinks we could hit it off.  SIDE-NOTE: I have ALWAYS had friends who try to set me up as I wasn't a huge dater.  This was not the first time J had told me I needed to meet someone and the last guy I let him introduce me too..... Well, let's just say it did not turn out well and that's a story I might tell at a later time.  So I protest that I could care less to meet this guy, yes I'm sure that I would run into him at some point, but I just didn't really care.

So the week begins, I am casually introduced to the youth minister while hanging out with my friend J, but don't really have much time to get to know him (we were both working...remember).  The same week my old youth minister and a dear friend happened to be at camp w/ his church where he was the pastor.  He had a college student that I just had to get to know.  I had met said guy multiple times, thought he was nice, and could see how we would click we were very similar, small town folks, enjoyed the country, ect.  So I was talked into "visiting" my old youth minister so I could eat a meal with country boy and get to know him a little better.  Country boy was way sweet, just a good 'ol boy, and my old youth minister gave me his numbe rso that when he called I would know who was calling... Simultaniously, I got to spend a lil bit more time with J's youth minister.  I thought he was nice, obviously he loved Jesus, and he made me laugh.  Past that I wasn't so sure, he was a little shorter than the guys I normally date (we're pretty close eye-to-eye barefoot).  And the last night there as I'm getting ready to hop into my car and leave he pulls me off to the side, says he doesn't have much time (he was getting ready to do a devo w/ his students), but if I was interested in hanging out again I should give him my number if not, no big deal.  (Romantic right?) So for some reason I give him my number.  I drive home wondering which guy will call first and honestly, which guy I wanted to call.

The Lord was already working in my heart, while I though Country Boy was nice there was just something about Youth Minister that I couldn't get out of my head.  I waited w/ anticpation for YM to call and sure enough come Monday (maybe Sunday night) he called.  We were both very straight forward w/ one another, I was pretty intent on not dating someone I couldn't see myself marrying (that doesn't mean I didn't date, just once I thought to myself, yeah this could never work, I was done).  So our whirlwind courtship started with text messages, late night phone calls, and visits to camp.  By the end of the summer I was entirely smitten.  I knew he was it for me.