So I wasn't blogging when any of this happened, but I LOVE to hear people's stories, so I thought I'd share mine!

I knew that we were going to get married, I knew that he was going to propose.  We had even kinda talked time-frame. I don't remember being overly anxious for him to propose, I knew he was going to and the time was going to be right and all that jazz.

So here's the day of....
I had just gotten out of school for our Christmas break a few days prior.  I was an RA in the dorms, so I was the last to be there and went home for the weekend and then a few days later was heading back to the city to spend some time w/ M & go to a Christmas concert his mom had invited me to as well as a few various things.  One of my suite-mates and her family were long time friends of M's.  So I would often stay w/ her family on weekends/breaks/etc so I could see M.  I had just arrived at suite-mates house and M was already there.  I had been wondering if he might propose, but he wasn't dressed up, it was a very normal day.  We had plans to go see a movie, grab dinner afterwards and then go to look @ Christmas lights.  All during the day M was getting lots of phone calls and texts it seemed like (but that's not overly unusual).  He had told me that he had reserved the horse & carriage for us to look at the lights. (this was not that odd, b/c M was always doing sweet things, I always had flowers, he took me places, I was a little spoiled) and I LOVE Christmas lights.  Anyway, one of the phone calls was the carriage rental saying they were not going to be doing their rides that night b/c it was raining and its bad to put the horses out on slick concrete.

I was a little disappointed, but no big deal.  I was still thinking this was just another date, we hadn't eaten somewhere special in fact we had changed our minds about 3 times before picking a restuarunt.  After dinner we ran into Target and bought the largest umbrella they had so we could still go look at the lights.

Once we got to the lights it wasn't raining terribly hard, more of a drizzle.  I was still excited to spend time w/ M and see the lights as I'd heard it was the BEST display in OK and had never been.  So we tromped around in the rain w/ our umbrella looking at all the lights.  It was romantic, but I was crazy for this guy so a lot of things were romantic.  Mike kept saying lets look at that display from the other side, I thought it was a little weird, but just figured that he wanted me to really get to soak everything up.  After we had walked through the entire park and seen every light in the place (at least I thought) we were walking to the car. Suddenly I began to see a sign, while I couldn't read all of it I was making it out bit by bit.  By this time I was shocked floored, I was so surprised I couldn't believe my eyes.  So much so that I began saying no and said it probably 10 to 15 times. I was suprised to see a sign that in lights read, "Will you marry me Rendy".  I think I had given M a bit of an anxiety attack as I wen through my course of surprised "No's!" (think of a "no, I can't believe it no", not a "no I don't want to marry you" no).

And it goes as follows:
M--romantic I wanna spend the rest of my life w/ you stuff that I can't remember
R--gives him a big kiss
M--"Does this mean you'll marry me?"
R--"of course!" followed by a huge hug
M--"So would you look at your ring b/c I spent a lot of time and money on it?"

I was so excited I forgot about the ring! It was gorgeous of course!