Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Washed by the Water

Washed by the Water is a wonderful song that was suggested to me by my dear friend Kelli months ago when things were rather rough for Mike & I.  I have been wanting to share this with others, but for months, anytime I heard the song, I would bawl like a baby get slightly emotional.  So here's the link to a the video for this song that was so impactful to me.  Sometimes we are affected by the bad decisions that others make, and there are times where others are going to say things that are not true.  But one thing we knew was that even when the storms come, I am still washed by the water and I am still called to love. And that's the hardest lesson to ever learn, and while I went through that class extensively, I don't know that I still have it down pat, but I know that no matter what He who washed all my sins away, will continue to provide. And He has... Glory to Him!
Need to Breathe, "Washed by the Water"

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Church, New House... and hopefully a New Home

So I've haven't posted on blogger in so long because I have a big mouth and can't keep a secret er... I've been so busy!  Mike and I are no longer at CCY!  We had been praying for quite some time about whether or not that was were God wanted us.  While we were seeing kids come to know the Lord and grow deeper in their faith, it was not necessarily a healthy place for our family.  And God has worked his magic and taken us to a wonderful place where there is no doubt we have been called to serve....

So Mike is now the new youth/singles pastor at Village Baptist Church!  Everyone has been so super sweet to us since our first visit (people were amazingly nice before they even knew who we were!).  It is truly a blessing from God.  So there's the new church part.  As for the new home part, we'll be renting our home out and living in a parsonage close to the church... and its bigger : ) and it has the most wonderfully amazing backyard with two trees that will be spectacular for hanging a hammock

As for as the new home part... Mike and I are so excited to not only be serving at Village, but to be able to make it a home for our family.  As much as I love ALL of our students at CCY and many of the families we got to know, CCY was never home.  Unfortunately, it felt like a place that I served, sometimes a 2nd job, lol, but I never got that home feeling.  This could be due to the fact that we never got the opportunity to participate in many of the over-all church functions.  Regardless it wasn't and that was a really big deal to me, and in taking this new job, I definitely stressed the importance of being able to plug-in not just in the youth ministry, but in the church as a whole. And so far we've gotten to do that a little bit.  We attended our first SS class together in nearly 3 years (and it was awesome!); I've already been to a women's ministry event, and tonight Mike & I were invited to the Adult 2 get together! Yes! They have an Adult 2 class! There are people our age! So needless to say I'm pretty stinkin' pumped.

For those of you who have been praying for Mike & I for so long, I just want you to know how much we appreciate all of your prayers and support.  Please keep them coming, as we know God has big things in store for VBC, the Village and the surrounding area.