Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What to Blog About?

I have remained rather silent on the blog front and have mainly read other's blogs (which I greatly enjoy). Lately, I have really been wanting to get to actually blogging, in the past I struggled because as my Dad used to say I sometimes get diarrhea of the mouth (crude right?).  Nonetheless, its pretty true.  The only problem with this is I don't want my thoughtlessness to affect my Hubs.  So I will be blogging and trying to slightly (only slightly) monitor/edit my thoughts/writings.

So now the thought is, what in the world do I do with this blog?  Well, currently I'm about 4 weeks from graduating from Grad school, about to look for a new job, doggie paddlin' to keep my head above water and trying to loose weight.  I have already lost 11lbs. While that is exciting, I have not lost much weight over the last few weeks, thus I am looking to spur on my weight loss and will take you along in my journey.  More to come later, Hope you're all having a Wonderful Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. I think I have that diarrhea of the mouth too. YIKES!

    Great job on the weight loss & keep your head up!