Monday, January 24, 2011

the Lottery

We're members of a Baptist church & the lottery is not socially acceptable... Hubs & I don't ever play the lotter but sometimes we drive by the huge billboards that tell about how much money they're giving away, you know the ones THOSE ones the ones that make you say, "If we won the lottery I'd (fill in the blank with w/e your heart desires).

So we have this conversation oh every month or so since we've gotten married.  They're lots of giving it away, thoughts of having lots of babies and staying at home and then of course the analytical Mr. that I have will say, "but you know we have to work through the first year after we win, thats where everyone messes up, they don't work" to which I normally respond to in this fashion, "you can continue working? We don't need both of our incomes & the lotter" lol

Today, we were talking about the desire to be at home together quicker than what we will be tonight with both of us having to work 12 + hours today (fairly normal) and the lottery conversation comes up b/c we want to not have to be slaves to our jobs today (blah blah blah we both LOVE our jobs, just not always the crazy hours & schedules!) and the lottery conversation came up and I said, we should play so we could win...  The Mr. gave his normal response (see above) to which I decided that w/o the instant gratification there wasn't much chance of either of us running out to buy a lottery ticket.

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